Pei-Chieh "Jacy" Huang

Fashion Designer, Production Manager, and Graphic Artist



         I am a fashion designer with extensive experience in all aspects of design, production, and marketing of apparel. I am also an experienced graphic designer.

     I am an expert in the use of CAD tools such as Illustrator and Photoshop. I am skilled in creating linesheets and lookbooks. I have excellent free-hand flat sketching skills and I am experienced in generating high-quality spec sheets and tech packs. My clients and employers find me creative,  adaptable, and highly productive due to my ability to complete projects quickly and efficiently.

      I write and speak fluent English, Chinese, and Taiwanese. I have a network of contacts within the fashion industry in New York, Los Angeles, Taiwan, and China. I have traveled widely in Europe and Asia and my designs incorporate the trends I have experienced in places from Paris to Shanghai. 

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